The PLDT HOME BRO ULTERA : 1st ever LTE powered home broadband

Its here!!, the ULTRA fast wireless internet, the new PLDT HOME BRO ULTERA. Its ultra fast speed powered by TD-TLE (Time Division Duplex-Long Term Evolution) wireless internet will definitely enrich family bonding within digitally active families with its minimum plan of 3mbps at only 999 pesos and upto a whopping 10 mbps for the pro plan!! surely every one can enjoy lightning fast internet with the new PLDT ULTERA.  


On april 29, 2014 the telecomunications leader in the philippines, PLDT,  officially launched its 5th generation wireless broadband and the 1st  in the country the LTE powered uLTEra. It boasts speed 6 times faster than the Wimax and 21 times faster than ordinary broadband.

The PLDT ULTERA will not only serve peeps from manila but also people from provinces and those who are not reached by wired internet, because of this even people from remote areas can stay connected and join the growing family of PLDT.


This exclusive event was held at SMX convention center, where some big names in the business and showbiz industry was spotted in the scene, and attended by exclusive guests and VIPs.


With over flowing drinks and food plus freebies, with the king of mash-up and electro dj Funk Avy droppin’ the beats through out the night, this is definitely a party not to be missed,


The big bosses of PLDT and SMART communications, Mr. Manny pangilinan (CEO pldt and smart) and Mr. Ariel Fermin (PLDT executive vice president and head of PLDT HOME Business) is present to support this launching event.


Hosted by Sam YG and Andi Manzano the night was never dull ,always fast paced.


A speech by Mr. Ariel p. fermin Introduced us to ULTERA and how will this change the game of wireless internet. For him  “The launch of PLDT HOME Bro Ultera is part of our commitment to continuously develop broadband connectivity in the country. Aside from the ongoing roll-out and enhancement of PLDT HOME Fibr and PLDT HOME DSL, the addition of PLDT HOME Bro Ultera to the PLDT HOME roster of services means that we intend to serve more areas, especially those unreached by wired technology.” 

BUT how fast is ULTERA??, well here they introduced “The Fast test challenge” , challenge number 1 Which is faster ?, to eat a 1 pound burger or download 10 songs with ultera.

And no doubt who the winner is, ultera finished downlading 10 songs in just 55.66 seconds  !!!!!

Challenge number 2, which is faster? Jeric Teng shooting 30 hoops or uploading 30 pictures with ultera.


And yet again Ultera dominates, within just 35.92 seconds it uploads 30 pictures!!!

Challenge number 3, which is faster, Jeron Teng running across a platform or streaming a 2 minute video.

It was a close call but ULTERA clearly wins in just 5.37 seconds to stream a 2 minute video, and YES !!, that how fast PLDT BRO ULTERA is.

and with its new brand ambassadors the teng siblings, Jeric, Jeron and their sister Almira, we welcome the fastest home broadband, the PLDT HOME BRO ULTERA !!!

Before the night ends, pldt and folded and hung collaborated to launch an exclusive collection of apparels to fit any bro and sisters who are fast paced and always connected.                                                                            

Thank you PLDT for a wonderful event, and congratulations for a very successful launch. These are some of the shots I took during the event, enjoy.


  1. Wow seems like PLDT is indeed upgrading their services..

  2. Wow,its really cool pldt, one love

  3. Nice event from PLDT - I am aware they are upgrading their services though from experience, it seems the internet seems more faulty than ever - though they always reason out that they are upgrading lol but its been months and it still suck and can't even function well.

  4. Nice. I've never tried PLDT internet, but if this can really deliver speeds that fast, I just might consider subscribing.

  5. Great deal! I think i would go to PLDT when it comes to broadband and wifi. Thank you for this great news from PLDT!

  6. First time I've heard of Ultera! PLDT is definitely stepping up their game when it comes to fast wireless connection